Working for a Social Change in the South Asia

Let's fight Imperialism for an Independent, free and Sovereign South Asian States  for our People


Aims & Objectives
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SAPF-UK acknowledges that South Asian communities are here to stay and are an integral part of this country. The future of the South Asian communities is intrinsically linked with working people of Britain. It is in Britain, according to SAPF - UK, the struggle is against the exploitation of majority by a small elite. In this respect, the Forum has developed close working relationships with those organisations with similar objectives. There is recognition that as minority people, the South Asian communities, along with other Black communities, also face racism and discrimination in education, health, housing and employment. This racism – stemmed from the British colonial period – still exist. Racism and xenophobic politics of extreme right is a great hindrance in creating a genuine unity among British working people. SAPF – UK believe that the policy of ‘community cohesion’ is simply a smoke screen and does not provides the basis for eliminating racism in the British society. We believe that pre-requisite of cohesion has to be based on promoting equality.  


In fighting against racism and injustice, the Forum recognises the need for opposing feudal ideas and practices in our communities. Religion has been used widely to divide and sub-divide our communities. Tacit support from the state has enabled individuals and organisations in our communities to promote and paddle backward ideas under the guise of protecting religion. Their ideas on the role of women, about homosexuality, about gender equality, about basic human rights, are simply Byzantine and have no place in a modern society.  Like the extreme right, these elements abuse the liberal values of wider community to spread and reinforce feudal and tribal values and play an important role in the subjugation of our people.


Hailing from South Asian countries, we believe it is important to support the struggles of our people - nearly one-third of world population – in their struggle for equality, economic prosperity and social and justice. Since the independence in the 1950s from British imperialism, the promises made by the ruling classes have not been realised after six decades. Despite the growth of the middle classes, the majority of our people are faced with growing inequality, religious and sectarian terrorism against minorities and increased oppression of women. Under the guise of economic liberalisation, the masses are left unprotected on the whims of local and international businesses. The corrupt political leaders, many of them confirmed criminals, are simply pocketing the wealth of our countries. Corruption is rampage and naked. Many poor people are forced to live a miserable existence. Some South Asian countries, with its people and resources, are handed over to the US imperialism.


The Forum has the responsibility to expose the on-going exploitation of our people. We have been focusing on this aspect through political and cultural activities. So far, representatives of several progressive organisations have been invited to share their views with the South Asian communities and other local communities.


We cannot remain aloof from the injustices taking place in rest of the world. Where ever possible we participate in activities on a range of issues. We have participated in events relating to Iran, Iraq, and Palestine.