Working for a Social Change in the South Asia

Let's fight Imperialism for an Independent, free and Sovereign South Asian States  for our People


Aims & Objectives
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Aims and Objectives



1.       To oppose and actively struggle against racism and fascism.

2.       To fight against discrimination based on origin, colour, creed, gender or religion and for equal rights of all peoples.

3.       To unite all black people, other national minorities and those sections of the local population who resolutely and uncompromisingly oppose to and struggle against racism and fascism.

4.       To participate actively in the trade union movement and labour movement for better wages and working conditions and to join in democratic struggles of British working class.

5.       To organise cultural, political and social events to further the aims of the organisation and to preserve progressive and anti-imperialist aspects of our culture.



1.       Support the economic, social and political struggles in South Asian countries against the semi-feudal and neo-colonial systems.

2.       Support the struggles for guanine people democracy in South Asian countries.

3.       Support genuine struggles for the right of self-determination of all national minorities.



1.       Support the just struggles of people in all countries against all form of imperialism.

2.       Strive for international unity of all oppressed people against imperialism, Zionism and anti-racism.